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About Us

Freedom Land Capital provides funding and operational capability to select Land Investors across the US. As experienced and active land investors, we are intimately familiar with the full life cycle of a sound investment and seek like-minded investors who endeavor to scale their land businesses to the point of creating absolute financial freedom. We are living proof that true financial freedom can be found in land investing and want to help others achieve the same!


We live and breathe our core values of Integrity, Discipline and Quality Stewardship while pursuing our goal of becoming the #1 most recognized and respected brand in the land investing industry. From understanding and addressing the key pain points of our land investment partners to enabling investors to make more informed and confident decisions, we always strive to do what is right and to provide value. Helping land investors acquire properties is a great thing, but as opposed to the transactional, one-off deals, we seek long-term, quality relationships. We truly enjoy getting to know each of our investment partners and our hope is to create lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships!


Want to take your land investing business to the next level and need some additional training? CLICK HERE to visit our sister company, Land Investing Mastery, which provides high level training for experienced land investors interested in scaling up.

Becca King     Co-Founder Freedom Land Capital

Travis King     Co-Founder Freedom Land Capital

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the process for getting funding?

What is your Client Portal?

What are your profit sharing percentages (splits)?

What size deals do you fund? Is there a limit?

Do you fund Seller Financing deals?

Do you use Title Companies?

Will you fund deals in other asset classes? Single family homes, etc.

Our Core Principles


We are focused on creating a positive force in the industry. We elevate independent investors beyond their current means.  Our functional goals are to speed up deal flow, and to never let money be the bottleneck on the road to financial independence. 


We put people above profit, plain and simple.  We build lifelong business relationships by acting with other people's interests in mind.





What our Clients/Partners Say

Pete Christianson

New Hope Home Buyers, LLC

"Amazing, Instrumental, Helpful!  Working with Freedom Land Capital has been transformative for our business. They are not just lenders but strategic partners! Do yourself a favor, get in touch with Freedom Land Capital today because you will be a more informed land investor as a result!"

Kushal Chakrabarty


"Dependable, Visionary, Approachable! Freedom Land Capital eliminates one of the biggest bottlenecks for land investors like me. Most deals and especially bigger deals are now within reach! The opportunities to scale are endless and I absolutely enjoy working with the owners. They are down to earth and always open to a thoughtful exchange of ideas.

Benjamin Portnoy

Resonance Investments, LLC

"Freedom Land Capital and its owners are some of the most real, authentic people I've met in the industry. We've worked together on multiple deals now, and they continue to impress me -- both with their level of experience and unending generosity. When we review a deal, they don't just give me a thumbs up/thumbs down...they suggest various options and paths to take in order to get the best ROI (with the least resistance) every time. I'm consistently impressed!"


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